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Empowerment Through Education


At Common Sense Defense, you're not just a customer, you're a lifelong student.


Our educators are disciplined in multiple styles of personal safety. Our top priority is for you to feel engaged with the topics at hand while ensuring your success as a student. The CSD team believes that individualized lessons and objectives are key to student success. Connect with us to see how we can help you!

Individualized Learning


Our instructors specialize in one-on-one learning. When you take a class with CSD, you as the student will have your instructor's undivided attention.

Student Safety


The safety of the student is paramount when it comes to protecting others. Our programs are professional and highly disciplined in safety. 

Competent, Confident, Comfortable


The 3 C's creates a well-educated student. After completing our courses, you will gain the skills to be Competent, Confident, and Comfortable.

A Common Sense Approach To Personal Safety




Meet Our Team

Rich Bacher


Endorsements: Chief Range Safety Officer, Handgun Instructor, Long Gun Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor


Rich is the owner of Common Sense Defense LLC. He is a thirty-year veteran of law enforcement, serving 26 years as a Sergeant at the Grand Junction Police Department. Rich also served with the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy, the Rangely Police Department as a Police Officer and he retired as the Chief of Police for the Delta Police Department. Rich served as the director of the Criminal Justice Program and Colorado P.O.S.T. Academy at Colorado Northwestern Community College. He's instructed at various P.O.S.T. academies throughout Colorado including courses in Officer Development, Defense Training, Survival Skills, Firearms, and Patrol Techniques. Rich is a certified NRA instructor for multiple disciplines and a Chief Range Safety Officer for CSD.

Bryan Wright


Endorsements: Nationally Registered EMT, Range Safety Officer, Handgun Instructor, CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor, Stop The Bleed Instructor


Bryan is a Range Safety Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and an Instructor for Common Sense Defense. He is a Public Safety student at Colorado Mesa University, as well as an EMS Program Instructor in the Public Safety Department. Bryan served on the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol (ARP) in Littleton, CO before moving to Grand Junction, CO. Bryan currently oversees the MCSO Internship Program and is the Operations Captain for the Citizens on Patrol Volunteer Program at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. Bryan specializes in Emergency Management / Disaster Response, Homeland Security, Wildland Fire Management, and Incident Command.  He's taught various courses in Self Defense, Active Shooter Awareness, First Aid, CPR/AED, Stop the Bleed, and AHA BLS Courses. Bryan is a certified NREMT-B/IV, an Instructor for multiple Public Safety disciplines, and a Range Safety Officer for CSD.

Kevin Townsend

Range Safety Officer / Instructor

Endorsements: Handgun Instructor


Kevin started shooting at age 6 with a BB gun he received as a birthday gift. Kevin continued his education in firearms through school classes and lessons from his dad. An associate's degree in Law Enforcement led him to work part-time as a reserve officer. He's shot pistol competition since 1974 in disciplines such as PPC, IPSC, and USPSA. Kevin enjoys working with people new to shooting so he can encourage them into a fun pastime and develop new skill sets.

Chris Walker

Range Safety Officer / Instructor

Endorsements: Handgun Instructor, Long Gun Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Special Ops Instructor.


Chris is an Instructor and Range Safety Officer for Common Sense Defense. He spent four years in the US Army and saw combat in Iraq. Chris worked in personal security details on high-value target missions and supporting command & control operations. After completing his service, Chris attended Colorado Mesa University and earned bachelor's degrees in both English Literature and Biology. While completing his degrees, Chris was a Teacher's Assistant for CMU and also taught first aid, CPR, and survival courses. Chris brings this varied background to CSD as a gifted instructor and pragmatic tactician. Adept with handgun and carbine alike, he trains his students to utilize their equipment to the fullest while also emphasizing individual strengths and mitigating weaknesses. Often heard saying “Work the problem” Chris encourages students to hone their minds, and practice true critical thinking on the range as in life.