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Firearms Courses

Firearm Safety & Self Defense Training

Keeping you and your loved ones safe.

At Common Sense Defense, we want you to leave with more than just a certification. Our passion is to educate citizens on personal safety while working with students to become proficient with their firearms. Many Alumni of the CSD program continue to connect and work with our instructors, long after they have completed our courses. 

"Self Defense beings with the Individual"


Trust our team of experienced instructors to teach you competence, confidence & comfort with your firearms.

Curriclum Breakdown


Student and Instructor safety is our #1 priority. We use state-of-the-art facilities for our live-fire training, and bring the best instructors in the Grand Valley right to your classroom. 


After you complete a CSD course, you will feel competent in carrying, using, and maintaining a quality firearm. 


CSD courses are rigorous and disciplined. Prepare to move, shoot, and get dirty. Previous students have loved how interactive our courses are while still being able to stay focused and engaged.  


Confidence is key when it comes to personal safety. Our goal is to get you as comfortable as possible with your firearm and educate you on how to use it safely. 

Legal Review

Many of our Instructors at CSD have extensive Legal and Law Enforcement knowledge. We utilize members of our community, such as Retired Law Enforcement Officers, to give you a clear and simple understanding of your rights and the law. 


If you aren't comfortable with a tool, why use it? A majority of American Citizens who own firearms barely know how to use them. Our goal is to change that problem. 

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