Workplace Safety Courses

Keeping Employees, Clients & Customers Safe

How can you protect your workplace from modern-day threats?

Your business is unique and special to you and your team. Allow the Instructors at Common Sense Defense to further educate your staff. Our Instructors specialize in Workplace Safety, Emergency Action Plan Development, Safety Assessments & Evaluations, as well as long-term guidance in Emergency Management, Safety & Medical Equipment, Security Systems, and Off-site Safety.

30% of employees in the US don't know how to handle or report violence in the workplace. 


Don't let your workplace become a statistic. Common Sense Defense is able to help you plan, train, and execute emergency operations and exercises. 

How CSD Can Help With Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety 

Learning the basics of Workplace Safety is critical. Do your employees know where safety equipment is located? Do they know how to evacuate the building in case of an emergency?

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness saves lives. Our instructors go into extensive detail on how to stay alert, watch your surroundings, and respond to threats. 

First Aid / CPR / AED / Stop The Bleed

Are your employees certified in life-saving skills? Do you know if your business is required to have certified personnel? Allow CSD to educate your employees on various life-saving skills. 

Off-Site Safety

Employees who have to travel to off-site areas such as warehouses, remote branches, open houses, and alternate facilities need to be aware of who is around and how to stay safe outside of the office. 

Emergency Plans

Does your company have Emergency Actions Plans in place? Does everyone know what to do in case of a Natural Disaster, Bomb Threat, or Active Shooter? CSD can help with the development and implementation of various plans. 

Professional Development

Skills are only helpful if they are practiced and reviewed. Our Instructors can work with your team monthly or annually to ensure plans are effective and everyone understands their role in an emergency. 

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