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A common-sense approach to personal safety

Personal Safety

We offer a wide variety of courses in personal safety. Topics include Self Defense, Basic Firearms Knowledge, Verbal Judo, Situational Awareness and more. 

Workplace Safety

Keeping your employees and patron safe is critical. Allow us to work with you to ensure your seam is trained to handle any type of emergency. We also offer industry-specific training. 

Worship Safety

Your house of worship is sacred. Allow us to discuss some options with your community. We specialize in services such as Church Safety Teams & Incident Response.

Concealed Carry

We offer both basic and advanced concealed carry courses for the State of Colorado. We train in a world-renowned facility with some of the finest instructors across the western slope. 

Advanced Firearms

Looking to further your firearms and tactical knowledge? We offer classes in AR-15 / Long Rifle training, low-light shooting, Range Safety Officer, and more!

Health & Safety

Health plays a major role in your safety. Allow our team to train yours in a variety of disciplines. We offer courses in CPR / AED / First Aid and Stop The Bleed. 

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"A common sense approach to personal safety."

Our Mission:


  • To safely and properly train law-abiding citizens in the legal methods of conceal carry weapons.

  • Teach competence, confidence, and comfort (physically & mentally) of concealed weapon carry.

  • Promote and ensure the 2nd Amendment - Right to Keep and Bear arms by all.

  • Allowing all law-abiding citizens the opportunity to exercise that right as it applies to the principle of self-defense and concealed carrying of a firearm.